Toke Talk – DEA Chief Rosenberg Resigns – Now What?

Toke Talk – DEA Chief Rosenberg Resigns – Now What?

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Acting DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg announced on September 26th that he planned to resign, citing concerns over lack of confidence in the president and current administration. A holdover pick from the Obama Administration, his tenure will last until October 1st. While Rosenberg’s resignation leaves the future of marijuana up in the air, his replacement has not yet been named. To date, Rosenberg did not have a friendly stance on weed legalization.

As The Huffington Post reported, “Rosenberg reportedly clashed with the Justice Department after the DEA announced plans in 2016 to begin issuing more marijuana cultivation permits for research purposes. As of this summer, the drug agency had not approved a single new application.”

Rosenberg’s departure creates an uncertain future for cannabis legalization, in states where marijuana is currently recreationally and medically legal. What do cannabis industry leaders think this means for marijuana, moving forward? Here are some thoughts.

It Could be a Step Backward

This is bad. Rosenberg represented a level-headed approach to drug policy and the law even if he didn’t personally understand medicinal cannabis. Unlike the other impulsive and irrational members of this current administration, he continually pushed to increase research on the plant and agrees it is not like other Schedule I drugs. If current appointees are any indication of future ones, this may not sit well for the cannabis community.

– Danny Davis, Managing Partner of Convectium